2019 Sermons

Our Mission Statement:

Reaching out with the heart and hands of Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit leads, to serve all people in Love.



Peggie-2 9-8-2019 “Deep Seeing

Peggie-2 9-1-2019 “All is Grace, All is Gift

Peggie-2 8-25-2019 “Hide and Seek

Rev. Marilyn Cummings 8-4-2019 “One Nation Under God

Rev. Mark Boyd – 7-28-2019 “O Little Town of Bethlehem” 

Peggie-2 7-14-2019 “Who is My Neighbor

Peggie-2 7-7-2019 “Simply Complicated

Peggie-2 6-30-2019 “Distractions

Peggie-2 6-23-2019 “Free to Live in Peace

Peggie-2 6-16-2019 “Peace Hope Love

Peggie-2 6-9-2019 “Earth Wind and Fire

Peggie-2 6-2-2019 “United By Love

Peggie-2 5-26-2019 “Keep My Words

Peggie-2 4-21-2019 “The Unexpected God

Peggie-2 4-14-2019 “Palms to Passion

Peggie-2 4-7-2019 “Grace Upon Grace

Peggie-2 3-17-2019 “The Celtic Way

Peggie-2 3-10-2019 “Be Who You Is

Peggie-2 3-3-2019 “Who Are You Listening To

Peggie-2 2-14-2019 “Use Your Super Powers

Peggie-2 2-17-2019 “Seek Ye First

Peggie-2 2-10-2019 “Just Do It

Peggie-2 2-3-2019 “News To Good To Be True

Peggie-2 1-27-2019 “Use Words if Needed

Peggie-2 1-20-2019 “Cheers

Peggie-2 1-13-2019 “God’s Beloved: YOU!

Peggie-2 1-6-2019 “Shine